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Prospective Students

Learning at AlGhazaly is a positive experience that celebrates responsibility, and intelligence leaving students prepared for higher education and beyond. As a pioneer in Islamic education, Al-Ghazaly Elementary School remains at the forefront of the highest academic standards and teaching methods.


Our students are enriched academically, socially, and spiritually for the future with the most up-to-date curriculum. With dedicated teachers and volunteers, we provide a caring, nurturing environment with strong roots in the local Islamic community to build the perfect setting for growth and excellence.

What We Teach

Early Childhood programs at AlGhazaly include full-day classes for pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. All families are also invited to take advantage of our after school program, which provides a chance to participate in supplementary activities for student enrichment.

The courses of study we offer emphasize academic excellence along with a strong focus on Muslim spirituality and culture, all with the goal of producing well-rounded and capable young men and women who will go on to become successful in higher education and their adult lives.


Sports are an integral part of a students experience at AlGhazaly School. Sports programs are based on developing the athletic and physical potential of our students. Team members are asked to make a commitment of dedication and sportsmanship at all times to their school and families.


AlGhazaly School invites you to participate in educating and preparing a future generation of community and professional leaders. Our future depends on the survival and celebration of our cultural identity and heritage.

Contact us today to schedule a tour, discuss financial aid options, or for general admissions information.