Sports are an integral part of a students experience at AlGhazaly School. Sports programs are based on developing the athletic and physical potential of our students. Team members are asked to make a commitment of dedication and sportsmanship at all times to their school and families.


Goals of After School Sports Teams at Al-Ghazaly School.

Introduce students to sports

For many kids, this may be their first introduction to organized sports. We want it to be a positive experience.

Be competitive

We want our teams to play hard and be competitive.

Build team skills

The responsibilities of being on a team (coming to practices, cheering on teammates, sharing playing time) need to be embraced by all players.

Build new friendships

We want to encourage students to interact with others who may be “outside of their circle of friends.”

Learn basic skills of the sport

We want to make sure our children are learning the building blocks of the sport. Middle school and high school coaches want players who know the fundamentals of the sport. We encourage coaching strategies that teach the fundamental skills for the long run over tactics that work only at this level.

Have fun

Having fun is probably the most important goal of our after-school sports programs. Our success should not be measured solely by wins and losses, but rather by the enjoyment of players, coaches and parents.

Build AlGhazaly School spirit

We want our teams to support one another, rooting for one another at games and other community building activities.

Basketball (Boys and Girls)

AlGhazaly School offers boys and girls basketball under the supervision of experienced coaches. This will teach young players how to interact with others, get a good cardiovascular workout, and help them develop large motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
Playing basketball involves knowing the rules of play, handling the ball, and learning how to work as part of a team. Girls and boys of all ages enjoy “shooting hoops”. The children are provided basketball instruction, games, and training in sportsmanship for boys and girls who attend the school.

Swimming (Boys only)

Our core values is to be kind, positive, respectful, and responsible. On the Al-Ghazaly School Swim team, we are focused on ensuring the safety of all children in and around the water. Our approach is somewhat different than others in that the majority of our class time is spent working on skills. Our program is “lovingly discipline”, but we still have lots of fun while we are learning! The nearby St Peters College pool is utilized for swimming. The emphasis in the early stages of participation is placed on developing technical skills and a love for the sport. In the later years, a more demanding physical and psychological challenge is introduced to the swimmers training program.

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