Vision & Mission

Al-Ghazaly School holds a simple mission, grounded in the strengths of our Islamic heritage and spiritual beliefs: to develop highly educated, responsible, and active students with an interest in the pursuit of knowledge in all its forms.


In pursuit of this mission, all students are given top-quality educational resources customized to meet individual aspirations and abilities. With a low student to teacher ratio, we ensure each student receives ample opportunities for one-on-one learning and enrichment. This hands-on process is further strengthened by strong parental communication and involvement, with a large selection of after-school and extra-curricular programs. 

All of these complementary approaches come together to encourage a strong desire to learn among all students, who grow a solid set of critical and reflective thinking skills that will guide them throughout their academic and future professional career. 

Our school is founded on traditional Islamic values that seek to develop intellectual, moral, and physical skills that celebrate the innate gifts each child has been given. It is in this nurturing, safe community that your child will master the skills essential for success academically and throughout every facet of their lives. To learn more about Al-Ghazaly School and enquire about enrollment, please contact us.

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