Extra Curricular Activities

As part of our efforts to continuously support and encourage the growth of our students as educated and active individuals, Al-Ghazaly Elementary offers several programs open to students of various grade levels that include national organizations like the Science & Math Olympiads.


Annual English and Arabic School-wide Spelling Bee:

An annual event that every speller looks forward to! Children participate in an “in-class” bee, and finalists compete in the “School Wide” spelling bee. PTO provides Trophies to the finalists.

Black History Month:

Accomplishments of African Americans are integrated in Literacy and Social Studies lessons.

Cultural Day:

Typically organized and performed by our 1st and 2nd grade classes, students learn about and celebrate our multi-cultural diversity by performing in a school wide assembly.

Dr. Seuss Day:

An enjoyable cross-age activity celebrating the poetry of Dr. Seuss. Children partner up for fun reading activities and end the session by sharing a yummy snack.

Enriching field trips:

All classes participate in quarterly field trips, visiting educational venues such as: museums, theatres, farms, orchards, and other points of interest within our community.

Earth Day:

An annual event held to appreciate, value and create awareness about caring for earth. Students participate in many different competitions and creatively show their concern for Earth.

Fencing and Karate:

Our after school activities include Fencing which is the art of sword fighting and Karate – self defense. Our participants from preK through 8th grade enjoy the physical competition and excitement that this event brings.

Islamic Day Celebrations:

An annual event organized by the Quran/ Islamic Studies/ Arabic department for grades 1 – 6. Students perform inspirational songs and skits celebrating our Islamic heritage. Performance is school-wide and parents are invited.

Kids Fun Day:

A event for children aged Pre-K and up. The children enjoy a clown show, party food, balloons, and games.

Math Olympiad:

A program that stimulates enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics, introduces important Mathematical concepts, and provides for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges.

Mock Hajj:

The Quran/ Islamic Studies / Arabic department recreate the steps of Hajj, complete with a mini-Kabba. Breakfast is provided by the PTO. Children dress in traditional Ihram (white clothes), and all parents are invited to attend.

Poetry Month:

During the month of April, poetry is taught during Literacy and Reading classes. Students are encouraged to write and perform original pieces during a Poetry Festival.

Pi Day:

An Annual event held on March 14 – 3.14 to celebrate mathematics which revolves around creating a passion for mathematics.

Quran Competition:

Students are assigned specific Surahs to be memorized and recited. Students are assessed and awarded prizes.

Science Fair:

An annual event for young scientists to showcase their talent. Entries are judged, and winners are awarded trophies.

Science Olympiad:

Science Olympiad is a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of K-12 science education. Participating in the Science Olympiad helps bring science to life, shows how science works, and helps develop teamwork and cooperative learning strategies among students. Every year our students enjoy a variety of activities put together by http://www.njscienceolympiad.org where they participate in several science related experiments and events. Every year our students win many medals and do us proud. The event is educational and also great fun.

Sports Day:

Organized by our Physical Education department, Al-Ghazaly students enjoy field day at a local park.

The 100th day of school:

is commemorated with rewards celebrating the students’ 100th day of learning. Classes participate with interdisciplinary activities.

Zaner Bloser Handwriting Contest:

A National Contest sponsored by the leading handwriting method, geared to promote achievement and legible handwriting. Winning students from each grade go on to compete in the national contest.

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