Does your school offer transportation?

AlGhazaly School provides transportation to and from various locations in New Jersey and New York. Every year, the school adds new locations based on enrollment and needs.

We also have volunteer teachers and parents who can pick up and drop off your child. We would just have to match your address to someone that’s in your area.

Do you have financial aid?

In order to help parents that aspire to provide their children with Islamic Education, Al-Ghazaly School offers multiple scholarship and financial aid programs which include:

  • Regular Financial Aid
  • Orphan Girls Scholarship
  • Urban League Financial Aid ( State Funded) for Hudson County Residents.

Can we pay by credit card?

YES!!! AlGhazaly School Accepts all Major Credit Cards as well as a check or money order. During the school year, you may send your payment with your child in a sealed envelope;  or stop by the office and pay with card.  NO CASH

How is your lunch program set up?

Elhamdlilah, everything we offer is halal. We provide you with a monthly menu, and you may either send lunch money with your child daily ($3.00) or send lunch. We are taking a healthy approach, so our menu is constantly changing.

My son/daughter doesn’t know any Arabic. How do you accommodate this?

In every grade level, 1st-8th, we offer a 1st and 2nd Arabic group. Students who are not Arabic speaking and are at the beginner’s level, they would join one group. Students, who already speak the language and come from Arabic speaking ethnic background, would join another group. Based on the teacher’s assessment, students may go up a level depending on how they excel in the beginner’s group. New students would have to be assessed by the teacher during the first week of school, and parent will be notified of which group.

Is June considered a half month’s tuition?

No, because the yearly tuition is just broken down into 10 even payments (10 months = school year)

When is tuition due?

Tuition is due at the beginning of every month. You have until the 5th of every month to pay your tuition. After that, there is a $50 late fee that will be charged.

Do you have any summer programs?

Karate classes are conducted every Friday from 3pm-5:30pm and/or Sundays 10am-12:30pm. Both are conducted in the masjid, 3rd floor, by a qualified sensei and coach.

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