School Overview

Our goal is to design, implement and deliver a curriculum that prepares and inspires your child to partake in a lifelong pursuit of learning and personal growth. With innovative strategies, integrated technology, and higher order thinking skills, we offer a well-rounded approach to education.

Our program produces technologically-skilled and competitive students capable of critical thinking and innovation. Our students also carry on their education with a deep understanding of Islam’s position as a religion of knowledge and morals. Based on the internationally-recognized Understanding by Design model, our curriculum guides students to unlocking their talents while enhancing their ability to make reasonable, ethical, and spiritual decisions grounded in Islamic values and heritage.

Academic curriculums are continuously being updated, evaluated, and strengthened as we incorporate new strategies and assess existing methods. On-going professional learning activities inspire our teachers to use research-based instruction as well as expanding their own repertoire with certifications, professional learning, and extensive training. The primary goal of these initiatives is to create a 21st century learning environment that engages students, fosters achievements, and cultivates the skills needed to compete, connect, and collaborate in a global society.